STEP Council Election Results 2021

We are delighted to publish the result of this year’s STEP Council elections. All candidates are thanked for standing in these elections, whether elected this time, or not elected, we appreciate the members who put themselves forward as nominees. We also thank those electoral college members who voted in the STEP Hong Kong and STEP Caribbean and Latin America Council constituency ballots, as well as all of the members who acted as supporters of nominations.

The successful candidates below take up their seats for the new session of Council on 1 January 2022, for a term of three years:

Rodney Luker TEP, STEP South Australia: re-elected uncontested.

Pamela Cross, TEP, STEP Ottawa. Pamela replaces Nancy Golding QC TEP, STEP Calgary, who retires from this Council seat on 31 December 2021.

Caribbean and Latin America
Theo Burrows TEP, STEP Bahamas, who was elected following a contested election. The current incumbent, Ivan Hooper TEP, STEP South America, will now retire on 31 December 2021.

Continental Europe, excluding Switzerland
Maurizio Cohen TEP, STEP Monaco: re-elected unopposed.

Hong Kong
Michael Olesnicky TEP, STEP Hong Kong, who was elected following a contested election. Michael takes up his seat following the retirement of current incumbent Jacqueline Loh TEP, STEP Hong Kong on 31 December 2021.

England and Wales – Midlands
Laura Banks TEP, STEP Birmingham: Laura is re-elected unopposed.

England and Wales – North East
Amanda Simmonds TEP, STEP Yorkshire: re-elected unopposed.

England & Wales – Wales & West
Denese Molyneux TEP, STEP West of England: re-elected unopposed.

Rupert Morris TEP, STEP Guernsey: re-elected following a contested election.

You can find out more about how STEP is looking at how best to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are part of our governance in this blog from STEP’s Chief Executive, Mark Walley. Further details about STEP’s Council and how the organisation is run are available via the main STEP website.

Zoe Willenbrock, Governance Manager

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