PCA Investment Team of the Year Award: what to expect in the judging process

PCA awards

Enhance has been involved with STEP’s annual Private Client Awards for six years now, providing the judges with data analysis to give a clear picture of what firms submitting applications for ‘Investment Team of the Year’ have achieved over the last 12 months.

Using proprietary fintech software, the analysis reviews investment performance and risk over various time periods to confirm that investors have received good results.

To enable this data driven approach, if your firm is submitting applications for the Investment Team of the Year Award, you are asked to provide judges with:

  • Your main or flagship strategy
  • A definition of your investment strategy and the appropriate benchmark
  • A sample portfolio valuation that reflects the relevant strategy
  • 36 months’ worth of performance data
  • Asset and currency allocation for each of the last 4 quarter-ends for a representative portfolio which aligns to the relevant strategy.

To complete the performance and risk part of the application, you will also need to explain any successful asset allocation changes or recommendations made for clients over the last year and the effect this has had on performance.

We then use your data (with strict confidentiality!) to provide the judges with clear analysis. Importantly, our software not only crunches the numbers, it presents the results in a meaningful way. We pull out visuals as part of a detailed report using ‘heat maps’, allowing for easy comparison and ensuring managers’ performances are presented on a common platform so the judges are truly comparing like-for-like.

Risk and Performance data heat map

The data we provide enables the STEP judges to interpret performance and risk more clearly, and ensures their decision-making process is robust – but it’s important to highlight that our data presentation works in synergy with the judges’ expertise, not as a replacement.


Barry Hardisty, Managing Director, Enhance Jersey

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