Coming to the table to talk training

jennie_hutchinsonThese are exciting times for STEP’s Employer Training Scheme (ETS) as we continue to welcome new members to the pilot programme. The ETS is about helping employers of STEP students to plan and deliver the best possible learning experience and upskilling their staff to provide the highest quality service to clients.

We will have accredited ten members by early July – most recently welcoming HSBC Trustee (C.I.) Jersey, Bedell Group Services Jersey and First Names Group Jersey – and we are in dialogue with a number of other key employers of STEP students and members about working together in this important initiative.

We are now planning our first Employer Forum, which will be hosted by Vistra in Jersey in conjunction with STEP Jersey on 15 July. The event will kick off with STEP CEO David Harvey presenting certificates to new members. He will also outline the importance of the ETS in positioning STEP’s qualifications as career essential and ultimately in helping to improve standards within the industry.

Thereafter, accredited employer training partners will convene for a roundtable discussion forum chaired by STEP’s Professional Development Director, Nigel Race.  There will be ample opportunity for discussion and debate, which we see as being instrumental in shaping the future development of the ETS. The meeting will wrap up with an update from CPD Manager Val Cox on developments in STEP’s CPD requirements and provisions.   ETS LinkedIn

To learn more about STEP’s Employer Training Scheme and how you can become involved, please email us at [email protected]

Jenni Hutchinson is STEP’s Head of Employer Engagement

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