Straight from the top – ‘Ask the Chair and CEO’

Helen-and-David‘Ask me anything’ online engagement events are increasingly being used by public personalities and organisations to offer direct responses to questions posed by fans, followers and, indeed, members. In the spirit of talking directly to our membership we, STEP worldwide Chair Hélène Anne Lewis, and CEO of the worldwide Secretariat David Harvey, are inviting you to put forward your questions so that we may answer them ourselves. We will be recording and releasing a global webcast of responses to your questions in September and aim to fill you in on what is happening in STEP, plans for the future, the Society’s role in the changing policy landscape and changes to our educational offerings.

In order to answer as many questions from as many members as possible, we ask that you limit your submissions to no more than three questions. Submit your question here using the subject line ‘Ask the Chair and CEO’. Submissions close on 31 August 2014.questions1

STEP is a professional body representing your qualifications, your fees, your commitment of time and your status as a professional in your field. So this is your opportunity to ask us what STEP is doing for you and your behalf.

Questions, anyone?

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