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As people who have spent at least an hour in a room with me will know, I have never been backward about coming forward and so am pleased to see so many like-minded individuals get involved in STEP’s 2021 member consultation.

It is refreshing for an organisation to open up the floor to its members in such a variety of means such as town hall meets/surveys/assemblies or luncheons.

Shaping the future of STEP and having the opportunity to tell the Society what would make you continue to value membership allows you to ensure that the organisation develops – and it is all down to your input! Some of my thoughts are that in order to keep up with the increasingly digital offerings, STEP need to provide more for the computer savvy in order for them to make the most of their time on the move via ebooks/talking books/podcasts (for CPD) and downloads of literature articles and practice notes, for instance. Having said this, I do not think that STEP should lose its personal touch and believe that being greeted into the fold, invited to networking events/seminars where you can thrash out ideas/difficulties and compare experiences is invaluable. But that is just me. It is not too late to have your say – by popular demand, and for those who managed to miss it, STEP will be recirculating the survey for some final inspirational input so keep a look out or get in touch with your branch to find out if there is a meet near you. Alternatively just leave a comment here in the Blog – all views are welcome.

Cheryl Farnham TEP, Chair of the STEP UK Practice Committee

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