Welcome to the STEP Blog

Blogs grow from small beginnings; but acorns have a habit of becoming oak trees in the STEP world. In time, this blog will hopefully become a place to disseminate and start discussion on every STEP topic under the sun.

The launch of this blog coincides with the launch of the revamped, reinvigorated, reinforced STEP website, which has a number of new features that we hope will improve usability and add value.

Over the coming weeks, I will be blogging about the member consultation STEP is going to launch across the Society, to secure every member’s input to the development of STEP’s plans for the next few years. We are in a world where professionals and their clients face increased regulatory burdens, challenges to privacy and challenges of transparency, changing economic demographic pressures and new business models. We are also in a world where, rightly, members’ demands of their professional bodies are growing and changing in response to new media, new competition and new technology. STEP needs new strategy and delivery; not just to meet new challenges for members, but to build on opportunity when demographics and global mobility are moving in STEP’s direction.

Over the last four years STEP has delivered the promised new education system, a much stronger voice in public debate, greater support for professional development, financial soundness, a new governance system,  backed by high member satisfaction. The aim is to establish what today’s members will need for the next challenges and particularly what the prospective student member’s needs will be. The world has changed significantly in the last four years and that change shows no sign of slowing down. STEP wants the input of all of its members to meet the challenges of the future.

If you have any comments on this blog, or on the new website in general please post your comments below.

David Harvey, STEP Chief Executive

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