Why should you go to STEP’s inaugural Global Congress?

Hélène Anne Lewis

Hélène Anne Lewis

As Chair of STEP Worldwide I look forward to welcoming a large number of my fellow members to the inaugural STEP Global Congress

This event offers an opportunity for all STEP members from all 80 jurisdictions and all 105 branches and chapters to connect, share ideas and enlarge our personal networks.

Congress will serve as a platform for the discussion and development of the thought leadership that will drive the Society forward in the years ahead. It will offer superior technical learning in an environment geared towards productive and highly valuable networking opportunities for members across jurisdictions.

International political imperatives are proving to be enormously challenging to all professionals who practice in the wealth management and estate planning sector. The Global Congress therefore aims to offer a forum for interacting with the world’s foremost advocates for our professions. They have spent recent years interfacing with the European Parliament, EU Member States, the OECD, the FATF and the UK government in order to improve the implementation of measures aimed primarily at winning tax revenues for their constituencies; which so dramatically affect the business models and careers of STEP members around the world.

STEP’s Special Interest Groups, which now form an exciting part of our member service offering, will host several sessions on their separate specialisations and stage opportunities for recruiting new members while offering existing members the chance for face-to-face encounters — some for the first time. If you are passionate about an area of trust and estate practice covered by a Special Interest Group, I strongly encourage you to use the Global Congress as a chance to find out how you can benefit professionally and play a role shaping the field.congress

Our long-term objective is for the Congress to be firmly established as an important forum for STEP – held biannually and offering every worldwide member an opportunity to interact and be a part of the decision-making discussions that guide and inform STEP’s direction and policy.

What will you take away from Congress? I look forward to seeing you in Miami.

Happy New Year from Hélène Anne Lewis, Chair, STEP Worldwide

Hélène Anne Lewis

Hélène Anne Lewis

This week I sent out a letter welcoming everyone back for another busy year in 2014.

Looking back at 2013, I noted that my role was marked by three Cs:
Communication – Not just telling our membership about our mission and values but taking on board their own visions for the future of STEP
Connections – Part of the Chair’s role is to bridge any gaps between branches and chapters around the world and STEP HQ in London. I have strived to cross the geographic divides with shared common interests and sharing knowledge and solutions
Collegiality – Mentoring and engaging in constructive dialogue across borders will help build a stronger more effective Society.

I believe we can be proud of our accomplishments in 2013. We made significant progress in adding value to STEP’s educational range, which will continue this year as we implement new courses – in both online and traditional formats. The last year also saw new chapters launch in Brazil, Curaçao, Hungary, Mexico and Canada. In Latin America alone we have seen a 54 per cent growth in membership! This growth is expected to continue throughout 2014 with a new Chapter in Mumbai developing strongly. Finally, the Society’s role as an industry leader is highlighted by our response to over 50 official consultations as well as significant changes we secured in the FATCA IGA mechanisms which are likely to be adopted for the proposed OECD system.

As the momentum of our work lives picks up for another year, I encourage all of you to make the most of your affiliation with STEP. The Society has much to offer for enthusiastic members.

Click here to read my full Chair’s letter.